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APAS responds to carbon tax ruling

APAS president Todd Lewis says the federal government must work to resolve the issues facing the ag industry
canola field and bins

The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) is disappointed with the Supreme Court's ruling that the federal carbon tax is constitutional.

APAS president Todd Lewis says the decision will impact agricultural producers.

“Saskatchewan agricultural producers have been very concerned about the impact of the federal carbon tax on our sustainability,” Lewis said in a press release. “As producers, we don’t set the prices for our products, and can’t pass those extra costs along the value chain, so it comes right out of our pockets.”

APAS estimates the cost of producing an acre of wheat will increase by $12.50 by the time the carbon tax is fully implemented in 2030. These cost increases will include trucking, rail freight, and grain drying.

Lewis adds the federal carbon pricing policy has impacted the financial sustainability of producers, and that the needs of producers would have to be addressed by the federal government.

“The Court has upheld the federal government’s jurisdiction, and now the government must act to resolve the outstanding issues faced by our industry.”

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