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$3.3 billion railway would link three trading partner countries

The railway would handle eight million containers a year
railway tracks in saskatchewan getty images
Railroad tracks running into a distant cloudy horizon on the prairie. (Getty Images)

Early proposals don’t always make it past the drawing board but a Mexican-based consortium has announced plans to build an international rail corridor from Mexico to Canada.

The $3.3 billion U.S. dollar project would link the Port of Mazatlan, Mexico with Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Nicknamed T-Mex for three country trade pact, the railway would handle eight million containers a year — the largest in Latin America.

Hauling everything from containers, vehicles to bulk commodities, the link would pass through important trade centres like Sinaloa, Durango, Chicago, Dallas, and Tulsa.

Sponsor Caxxor Group isn’t just looking at transport but plans to engage in light manufacturing and assembly. 

Over 100 companies are interested in participating.    

Caxxor hopes to complete the project over five years with $600 million to build an 87 km railroad through the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range and connect with 7,100 km of rail track.

Investment will include $1 billion to develop industrial parks, $400 million for the Mazatlan shipyard and $300 million for a logistics centre in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg is home to a 20,000 acre inland port already connected directly to air, road and rail shipping. The Centre Port Inland port competes with Regina’s Global Transportation Hub.

The T-Mex project offers quicker access to American and Mexican markets and possible better freight rates.

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